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Some notable milestones in CGL/RBVI's long history include:


And here are some of the videos from our collection of historical film clips:

Interactive Molecular Graphics, Thomas Ferrin and Robert Langridge (UCSF), 1980.

Includes van der waals dot surfaces using UCSF BILD, molecular interactions and docking using UCSF MIDS, and a color wheel illustrating capabilites of our new Evans & Sutherland "shadow mask" color calligraphic monitor.

InteractiveMolGraph.mp4 (13:39 minutes -- no audio)

A New Era for Molecular Graphics: Interactive Color Graphics!, Anne Feibelman (Stanford) and Robert Bazell (NBC News), circa 1981.

Includes interviews with Linus Pauling and Robert Language, film illustrating first use of molecular graphics for structure-based drug design, and a short clip showing the molecular graphics sequence created by Langridge for Star Trek II.

MolGraphics-collage.mp4 (9:00 minutes)

A Brief History of Molecular Graphics, Anne Feibelman, circa 1985.

Includes opening animation (i.e., not interactive graphics) illustrating DNA super-helical structure by Nelson Max (LLNL), interviews with Linus Pauling and Robert Language, film from MIT's Project MAC including the first application of interactive molecular graphics, film from Evans & Sutherland LDS-1 graphics system at Princeton University, and interactive docking of a protein with DNA using UCSF MIDAS.

MolGraphics-Feibelman.mp4 (10:41 minutes)

For additional animations created with UCSF Chimera and ChimeraX, see Molecular Animations.

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