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Command: log

logthumbnail [ width w ][ height h ]] [ text | html  character string ]

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log settingserrorDialog  true | false ] [ warningDialog  true | false ]

The log command acts on the Log. See also: Log preferences, Command History, ChimeraX browser, usage, measurements

Options of the main log command add images and/or specified text:


Saving to HTML

Usage: log save  pathname  [ executableLinks  true | false ]

The log save command saves the contents of the Log as an HTML file of specified pathname (or the word browse to specify it interactively in a file browser window). The executableLinks option specifies whether the command links in the file should be executable (when the file is viewed with the ChimeraX browser) or go to command help pages. If link type is not specified, the file will contain the same type of links as in the current Log, which can be set with its context menu.

Model Information

Usage: log metadata  model-spec  [ verbose  true | false ]
Usage: log chains  model-spec 

The subcommand log metadata reports model metadata in the Log. Metadata is associated information read from the input file, such as literature citation, experimental method, resolution, and associated cryo-electron microscopy map (Electron Microscopy Data Bank entry), if applicable. Using verbose true shows all available information, sometimes the same as with verbose false (depending on what is available). Currently, metadata is read from the mmCIF and PDB input formats.

The subcommand log chains shows a table of the model's biopolymer chains, in which:

See also: info, Model Panel buttons, model information

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