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splitmodel_number(s) ] [ chains ] [ ligands ] [ connected ] [ atoms atom-spec ]n

The split command partitions a molecule model into separate submodels, by default according to chain. The model_number(s) argument can be one or more model numbers or ranges separated by commas and preceded by #. If no models are specified, all molecule models will be affected.

How to split can be indicated with one or more of the following:

If none of the above are given, the chains method will be used. If there is nothing to split, the original model will be left unaltered.

Placing parts of a model in separate submodels allows for more independent control. For example, using the Model Panel, each can be activated/deactivated for motion or hidden/shown at the model level (without changing atomic display settings) independent of the others.

There is no way to undo this operation except by reopening the original structure.

See also: combine, surfcat, select, the accelerator Sc, the Model Panel, surface calculation failures and workarounds