Chimera Commands Index

move  axis [ distance [ frames ]] [ models  model-spec ] [ coordinateSystem  N ]

move cofr  models  model-spec [ distance [ frames ]]

Move translates the specified models by distance along the specified axis at each of a specified number of frames (default 1). If a distance is not given, the length of the axis vector will be used. If no models are specified, all active models will be translated. See the video mini-example. See also: select, movie-related commands

A secondary use is to translate models to the current center of rotation with move cofr.

Keyword options can be used in any order and the keywords can be truncated.

A coordinateSystem for axis definition can be specified by reference model number N, optionally preceded by #. Otherwise, the laboratory frame of reference will be used, in which:

The axis can be: The distance is in the units of length intrinsic to the data, usually Å, and can be positive or negative.

The move cofr command translates one or more models to the current center of rotation. In this case, the models to move must be specified explicitly. These are translated as a group to place the center of their collective bounding box at the current center of rotation. If the movement is to be carried out over multiple frames (default 1), a distance value must also be supplied, but it will be ignored. The move cofr command works best when the center of rotation method is fixed or center of view, as other methods will move the the center of rotation to a different place as the model(s) are moved. See also: cofr


move x -1 25 models #1,2
move 5,2.5,0 coord #0 mod #0 30
move cofr mod #3 0 100
Commands continue to be processed while the requested motion is in progress. To prevent processing of further commands until the motion is finished, use the wait command. To halt an ongoing move, use freeze.